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With each edition, Painel Telebrasil consolidates itself as the main meeting of the country's telecommunications sector, revealing trends and perspectives that directly influence the competitiveness of the telecom market and the life of all Brazilian citizens.

An interaction platform and information hub for public and private actors, the event aims to offer an updated vision of the institutional, regulatory and economic agenda that increasingly guides operators, technology companies and consumers towards digital transformation.  

In recent years, overcoming the challenges still imposed by the pandemic, the Telebrasil Panel has modernized its identity and programming, with discussions of great national and international repercussion, especially in the context of preparations for the arrival of 5G technology in Brazil.

In 2021, there were 43 hours of live broadcasting, in an event that brought together business leaders, government authorities and major opinion makers who navigated through the opportunities and challenges of this new global reality.

In 2022, believing in the vaccination results and confident in the stability of public health, Painel Telebrasil inaugurates a hybrid format, with in-person activities (and online broadcasting) throughout the year, confirming, once again, the event's strong capacity for innovation. In addition, the event expands with activities throughout the year, focusing on specific themes and expanding the role of aggregator of leaderships and ideas that characterize the meeting.

The complete schedule for 2022 includes the annual edition of the event (Painel Telebrasil Summit) and a new series of three meetings distributed throughout the year, with an executive and segmented schedule (Painel Telebrasil Talks).

2022 Overview


Painel Telebrasil Summit. The central axis of the agenda designed for 2022he central axis of the agenda designed for 2022, the event will bring together, in person, more than 600 participants around the most relevant themes for the telecommunications sector. For two days, representatives of the public and private sectors will discuss the future for Brazilian telecom industry, and it´s strategic role for the country's economic and social development.

The Summit schedule includes 5 themed panels and 12 workshops, in addition to relationship activities, demonstration of new technologies, and special appearances. Every content agenda will be broadcast live.


Painel Telebrasil Talks. The greatest innovation of this edition consists on three in-person events, to debate the close connection between the telecommunications industry and other economic sectors that strongly contribute to strengthen the Brazilian economy.

The Talks agenda offers an exclusive format, reserved for 150 people, who will have the opportunity to interact with key sector leaders and authorities. Unlike the Summit, the recording of the discussions will be available to the audience 24 hours after the event, through the Conexis and Telebrasil communication channels.

Current scenario

The year 2022 begins consecrating the advance of vaccination, the deceleration of the pandemic and, consequently, marks the resumption of trade and services sectors, favoring the reheating of the global economy. Finally, clear indications that the Covid-19 pandemic is "beginning to be overcome".

Among the lessons learned from the health crisis, without a doubt, the greatest one is society's ability to adapt. The challenges imposed between 2020 and 2021 inaugurated a new reality, causing immediate changes in production, consumption, and especially in the interaction between people, where connectivity has gained even more importance as a tool for socioeconomic integration.

However, if on the one hand the innovations produced so far confirm a new economic and social dynamics, on the other it is necessary to keep in mind that, in Brazil, many factors still limit access to connectivity, such as the high tax burden, restrictive municipal legislation, income limitations of the population, and regulatory asymmetries.

Despite recent achievements, aspects related to these bottlenecks still hinder the full capture of the transformative potential of digital technologies and limit investments that directly impact digital inclusion. This is an ecosystem that can and deserves to be improved, especially in 2022, in view of the upcoming elections.

It is in this direction that Painel Telebrasil 2022 takes a close look at the digitalization of society and of some of its main economic segments, the challenges of the sector and the perspectives of the country's macroeconomic scenario.

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